can’t put it back

2022, digital video, 8:40min

premieres at Los Angeles Filmforum, May 14-29, 2022

how we are in time and space: Films and Videos by Nancy Buchanan, Marcia Hafif, Babsi Loisch, and Jennifer West. This virtual event brings together four artists and their works for an intergenerational dialogue.

Saturday May 21: conversation with Nancy Buchanan, Babsi Loisch, and Jennifer West, moderated by Michael Ned Holte.

Making its premiere, Babsi Loisch’s video ‘can’t put it back’ (2022) is a meditation on time and wonder during the pandemic. Shot in Los Angeles and Hawai’i, where the artist and her family moved during Covid, the video centers on the experiences of two children as they investigate the world, its sensuous pleasures and its cruel mysteries: The title of the video is provided by one of the children, who comes to terms with the loss of a flower petal that can’t be mended. In the artist’s words, “It has the logic and aesthetics of a homevideo, it's a witness to the boredom and the sweetness, the exploration, repetition and experimentation that are kind of the pillars of the crumbling parenting of little children during a pandemic.” The video extends the artist’s ongoing interest in care and maternal labor as “nearly invisible in the context and discourse of contemporary art.” Seemingly casual, the unhurried video subtly captures the strange rhythms of daily life, punctuated by children’s drawings and “unexplainable mouth sounds.” 
Michael Ned Holte

Parallel to the exhibition how we are in time and space: Nancy Buchanan, Marcia Hafif, Barbara T. Smith, at Armory Center for the Arts, a number of artists and arts organizations have been invited to respond to one or more specific works in this exhibition, resulting in new art works, performances, screenings, talks, and other events. This program will favor annotation over remaking of historic works, initiating a dialogue with the primary exhibition, its artists, and its rich materiality, expanding these connections outward in time and space.