(curatorial project)

Featuring work by five contemporary artists, “Homework” initiates a dialog on a practice of care that carries the weight of everyday life and holds us steadfastly from the inside. Fiona Yun-Jui Chang, Ching Ching Cheng, Gilda Davidian, Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza and Babsi Loisch engage in the conversation with their shared multi-cultural identity.

Drawing attention to the domestic space, Homework simultaneously forms a collective investigation into care-providing labor, adaptation, and home-building - activities crucial for humanity, yet so often regarded as insignificant. Spanning a range of media, these artists probe into the economy centered around home and put pressure on how society measures the ephemeral values we live by (love, culture, support...) with capitalist logic.

Feb 20-Mar 20, 2020
ArtCenter DTLA, 114 W 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013